Weezeresque: What Is It?

A rock band Weezer was unique from the very beginning of their career. And it seems that modern music bands want to copy their style. There is even a special word for such cases “weezeresque”!
If you have ever listened to AJR, you should certainly have thought that those quirky lyrics and music remind you Weezer. Ryan Met from AJR confessed that he was really inspired by Rivers Cuomo, who came up at late 90’s – time of alpha male rock stars. And Weezer members showed that you can be coolest guy even if you are weird and don’t look like an alpha. This fact influences AJR image.
It occurred that Rivers is following Ryan on Twitter though they had never met personally. So Ryan just wrote him that he is a big fan of Weezer and he will enormously happy to collab together. AJR’s leader had even a skeleton of a song “Sober Up”. And…..Rivers answered that he will sing a bridge.
The result of their collaboration is certainly a Weezer-style jam, with a unique strings incorporation on the verses and an indie-friendly chorus. The track is featured on AJR’s debut album, The Click, which was released on June 9, 2017 —one day ahead of the album’s release, Billboard premiered “Sober Up.” Take a listen to the fateful collaboration here!

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