The Neighbourhood’s Leader Released Debut Solo Album!

The Neighbourhood’s Leader Released Debut Solo Album!

November 2017 gave birth to a debut solo album of Jesse Rutherford, all-time leader of the famous rock band The Neighbourhood! Though he continues working in his band, he tries to develop independently in the sphere of music.
It has become clear long time ago that Jesse was a little bit tired from one and the same repertoire of The NBHD. The band practically stopped recording new tracks, the last album was only a short EP and it seemed that musical crisis is coming nearer and nearer.
Probably this is because of the leader of the band who wanted to create something absolutely different from The NBHD. And here it is- his 1st full-length solo album!

Get its tracklist with 11 freshest songs:
1) Born To Be Blonde
2) Pretty Illusion
3) Barbie & Ken
4) I Think We Should Stay In Love
5) BFF
6) Bloom Later
7) Drama
8) IDK
9) Dime & Dog
10) Blame
11) Guinea Pig

He presented an 11-track project called “&” on November 10, 2017. The project was recorded in Columbia Records.
Combining the gritty attitude of rock music with pop-leaning accessibility, this feels like an extension of everything he does so well with The Neighbourhood, but with more freedom to experiment. Some critics noted that the singer overdosed the tracks with auto-tune and vocal processing because Jesse has naturally unique voice and tone quality, but in general the solo album can be considered as rather a successful experiment.
Just listen to the news ongs and tell us your opinion!

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