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Concert tickets for Firefly music festival 2017 are already available for sale!
Nestled in the Woodlands Firefly Music Festival creates a unique atmosphere of freedom, power of music and togetherness with nature! This young music festival hits all records and being “born” only 4 years ago by Red Frog events it quickly turned into a very popular and enormously loved event in USA. Its founders promised to make a great open-air festival on the East Coast. So they are obviously as good as their words! And the Woodlands is a perfect spot for the festival.

Firefly music festival 2017 aims to entertain all visitors with any tastes in food, music, leisure spending. The event is named Firefly after lightning bugs who remind us about sweet carefree summer days. Performers from maximum various lineup fire up the fans from 7 stages. Firefly is like a snowball, growing from year to year.

Firefly Music Festival 2017 offers unique attractions, limitless music sets, snacks, meals and toothbrushes.
1) Silent disco “the Thicket” cannot but be marked with a red line among all. It is a party in forest where everybody puts headphones on and dances like never before. The Thicket is an exclusive experience, because once you put off your headphones you see thousands of people dancing in silence in the heart of the woods as if they are from another universe.
2) Remarkable is the Pathway: in the light of the day it seems to be a pile of art installations, but once the sun goes down, this pile livens up. And if you see the hot air balloon which is not used by anybody and just hanging out there, do not hurry up to ask for a ride on it. It is now used only as a symbol of the Firefly.
3) After many awesome performances and entertainments your bounden duty is to visit the Hammock Hangout. Enjoy relax in pure form!
4) Games here are for free in the special tent Beercade! All old school arcades (pinball, foosball, skeeball, etc.) are gathered in one place.
5) The Coffee House by Stubhub: a café with a smell of perfect coffee in the air with its own lineup!
6) The Market – a huge outdoor bazaar and locker rentals just in a couple of steps away for not to carry camelbacks all day.
7) Meals and drinks at the Brewery, Camping site and numerous food vendors. You always have a choice, no matter whether you want healthy vegan/vegetarian, something unhealthy, or something absolutely extraordinary.
Want to get next four days of music and magic? Buy your tickets for Firefly music festival right now for unbelievably low price! It should be your summer!


The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway

1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901,

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